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The website uses cookies.

Cookies do not identify you personally. We only use them to make the website work better.

By using this website, you agree to setting cookies on your device.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, usually consisting of letters and numbers, which the visited website stores on the device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) in order to recognize these devices. The storage of cookies is controlled by the browser – see below: cookie control.

Why does our website need cookies?

The main purpose of the cookie is to enable our web server to present customized web pages to the user, which enable the experience of visiting the website to be more personal and to better respond to the user’s individual needs. The interaction between the user and the website is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With their help, the website remembers the individual’s preferences and experiences, which saves the user time when visiting again, and browsing the website is thus more efficient and pleasant.

Why does our website use cookies?

Cookies are an important means of maintaining fresh and appropriate content that is in line with the interests and wishes of individual web users. The reasons for using cookies come from their properties, one of them is to store data about the state of an individual website, cookies help in the implementation of various online services, they help in collecting various statistics, because only with them can the frequency of visiting a certain website be monitored. With the help of cookies, the website operator can evaluate the effectiveness of the design of his website.

Which cookies does our site use?

Cookie Content Time Owner
wordpress_test_cookie Validation of cookies End of the session
_gid Monitoring of viewing statistics 24 h Google
_gat Monitoring of viewing statistics 1 min Google
_ga Monitoring of viewing statistics 2 years Google

Control over cookies

If you want to change the way cookies are used in your browser, including blocking or deleting them, you can do so by changing your browser settings accordingly.

Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 7 and 8

Protection of rights / Copyright

The subject of this notice is the website at

All content on these websites is the property of APARTMAJA PRI JAKOBU JANJA NOVOSEL S.P. (hereinafter: “the company”), which has all copyright rights and any other entitlements in the field of intellectual property rights to the entire content. These items may not be copied for commercial use or distribution, nor may they be modified or republished on other websites.

This website may also contain images for which the provider has obtained the right to use, but which are protected by the copyright of a third party.

The content of the website is informative, except for the part where the general terms and conditions of business are published, which apply to subscribers of the company’s services and the current version of which is always available from the company.

The company strives for the correctness of all published content.

The company has the right to change the content without special notice, and is not responsible for the consequences of these changes.

Limited right to use content

Users may dispose of the contents of the web address for their personal use, in which copyright must not be infringed. The authors of the content are not responsible for any harmful consequences of use. Any other use or distribution of these web contents or their part is not permitted.

Limited liability

The company is not responsible for the use of the website and for any damage caused by the use of the web content located there or because the mentioned website might not be accessible or access to its content would be difficult otherwise limited. The content of the website does not in any case represent the performance of the service by the company, nor can the bare content of the website constitute the basis for any conduct of any entity.

Privacy policy / Data protection

In the company APARTMAJI PRI JAKOBU JANJA NOVOSEL S.P., Magozd 6, 5222 Kobarid, Slovenia (hereinafter: provider),
Registration number: 3444244000,
Tax number: SI56200722,

we value your privacy, which is why we always carefully protect your data and process it in accordance with the applicable relevant legislation. As managers of the website in question, we (the provider) therefore, in order to protect your privacy and data, and for the purpose of familiarizing you with our data processing processes, have arranged this privacy policy.

By using the website, the user confirms that he accepts and agrees with the entire content of this privacy policy, unless additional forms of consent are required for individual cases. This privacy policy may be changed or amended at any time without prior warning or notice. By using this website after changes or additions, the user confirms that he agrees with the changes and additions.

Individual paragraphs may contain information that is explained in more detail in other categories that can be found at the bottom of the website (e.g. Cookies).

Additional information that is not contained in this privacy policy can be found in the “Terms and Conditions” section at the bottom of the website.

As we are aware that your privacy and familiarity with the processes of processing your personal data mean a lot to you, we also invite you to read more about the individual segments of personal data protection in the guidelines of the Information Commissioner, who in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia acts as the competent state authority for the control of legal of the personal data protection framework.

Processing of personal data

Personal data is information that identifies you as an individual: your name, surname, email or regular address, etc.

For business purposes, the provider collects the following user data:

name and surname,
address and place of residence,
email address (your username),
contact phone number,
and other data that you enter on the relevant forms on the website.

By submitting the contact form on the website, you expressly agree that the provider can use the obtained personal data (name and surname, address of residence, email address and any other data that you have provided to the provider for the purpose of fulfilling the contract – the order is voluntarily provided by the buyer), except for the purposes negotiations for the conclusion of a contract or for the fulfillment of a contract – order (as specified in Article 10 of the current Personal Data Protection Act), also used for direct marketing purposes through all advertising channels used by the provider (notification by phone and SMS, printed media, unaddressed and addressed direct mail, e-mail, etc.), and for the needs of direct marketing related statistical and market analysis, marketing profiling and segmentation. In this way, we will ensure that you are properly informed about our current offers at all times, and at the same time you will only be informed about the product offers that best suit your wishes.

You can manage the cancellation of your consent to carry out direct marketing via email:

by sending a return e-mail – as a response to a specific e-mail received by the provider each time direct marketing is carried out, and/or;
by filling out the online form, the link to which is provided in every email received from the provider when conducting direct marketing.

You will be informed about the possibility of revoking consent for direct marketing via e-mail in each e-mail.

The provider will take into account your wish to cancel and, no later than within 15 days, will consistently arrange for the cancellation of consent for the purpose of direct marketing through the relevant or all advertising channels and inform you about this in writing or in another agreed way within the next five days. There is no cost to you. The provider also guarantees you all other rights in accordance with the applicable legislation, which is defined below.

The provider, as the operator, will process and protect all acquired personal data in accordance with the applicable relevant legislation, currently valid:

Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 94/07) and
Act on Electronic Communications (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 109/12, 110/13, 40/14, 54/14 and 81/15),

and in accordance with any internal acts adopted on the basis of the relevant legislation.

At the same time, the provider undertakes that the acquired personal data will not be forwarded to third parties, except for contractual processors, with whom he will have previously concluded a written contract on the processing of personal data.

Security of personal data

All provided information is protected against intrusion by third parties, which guarantees you worry-free and uninterrupted business with the provider.

Protecting the personal data of our users is an important concern of our company. The privacy policy deals with the handling of information that the provider obtains about you when you visit and use our website, or when you perform other activities on the website (registration and/or product purchase).

The provider makes great efforts to ensure the security of personal data. Your information is protected against loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access or disclosure at all times. The protection provider provides various measures and information mechanisms that ensure the smooth operation of the website and the security of data transmission on it.